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20.10.2013 Breding test Prerov CZ

A Simir von der Bernessehof and female litter B - Beatrise Bella Arabelis are a new breeding paar. Congratulations. And I look forward on puppies next year 2014.

25.08.2013 National dog show Mladá Boleslav

A´Simir - Intermediate class - Exellent 1, CAC

Beatris Bella - young class - Excellent from 10 young females in class

Beatris Bella Arabelis HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD Neg.


21.7.2013 Interdog Bohemia Mladá Boleslav

A´Simir  Young class - Excelent 2 from 7 nice males in class.


Angelina Jolly - open class - Excellent 4 from 12 nic females in class.


JCH, CH Angelina Jolly Arabelis
Fulfilled conditions for title Champion of Poland

I would like very much to thank Mrs. Horynovým for their care and for the presentation of our kennel. Too Congratulations and many other shows and breeding success.



Simírek first time in intermediate class

6.7.2013 Sobota - intermediate class - excellent 1, CAC, R. CACIB - Judge: Milan Biroš (SK)

7.7.2013 Neděle - intermediate class - excellent 1, CAC - judge: Anna Rusinowska (PL)


30.6.2013 CACIB Brno - Simírek had a really great competition, entered the 13 young dogs got Excellent 3 - Judge: Bojan Matakovič from Croatia.


Angelina Jolly Arabelis - Excellent 3 in open class from with 8 female in class.


9.6.2013 Regional Dog Show Lanškroun - Simírek in intermediate Excellent 1, Winner class, Regional winner - judge: Otakar Vondrouš(CZ)


26.5.2013 CACIB Litoměřice - Simírek in the young class from with 7 males V1, CAJC.


Angelina Jolly Arabelis - on show in Poland took another CWC this proved to be very close to the title of Champion of Poland. Owners Horynovým congratulations!

20.5.2013 A-Simir von der Bernessehof - evaluation of X-ray - HD: 1/0, ED 0/0, OCD. neg.

11.5. 2013 Club show Rožnov pod Radhoštěm - for rainy weather we could not - Simírek wet coat Very good and Dixie in honor class Excellent 3

Artholomew Arabelis - Very good

29.4.2013 Cacib Dresden - Artholomew Arabelis - Excellent 3 and  Angelina Jolly Arabelis - Excellent 4. In a large competition. Thank you for representing owners and congratulations!


14.4.2013 NDS Ostrava

Simir - Excellent 1 CAJC, BOB Junior form with 12 young male in class.


After that Simir and his mom Eglantine von der Birnenallee (V1 CAC) took part in the competition for the most beautiful pair of dogs and they was on the first instead of 7 registered couples.


2.3.2013 CACIB Drzonków Polsko - Angelina Jolly Arabelis (23 months) - Excellent 1, CWC


A Simir von der Bernessehof Excellent 3 and his mom Eglantine res. CACIB!!!


17.2.2013 - A Simir von der Bernessehof celebrated its first birthday!!!!

weight 48 kg and height 68 cm

Simírek showed up at 3 exhibitions:
Cac Brno - Very good, Cacib Trenčín - Excellent 2 and Cacib Brno - Excellent.



Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!




2013 We plane puppies

Mother: Ich. Multch. Dixie od Trotinskeho potoka

Father: Jch. Love Me Queen Elsa

Dixie                                                               Lavík


My new dog A.Simir von der bernessehof (germany pedigree)

Puppy class 6-9 months - 4 x very promising 1 and 2 x bis baby on schow

20.10.2012 Dog show litter A

Angelina Jolly Arabelis - 2 x CAC Slovakia, 1 x CAC Czech and 1 x CWC Poland

Artholomew Arabelis - Res. CAC Czech

Thank you my babys!!!!!

Angelina                                                                 Artholomew

24.9.2012 My lovely first Berner Arabela 26.1.2007 - 24.9.2012

Good bye my lovely girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-((((((((((((((((((

19.4.2012 We have litter B - 1 female - 560g - Beatrise Bella Arabelis!!!!!

15.4.2012 Angelina Jolly Arabelis win INowroclav in Poland was junior winner.

She is Junior Champion of Poland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

28.3.2012 The first birthday of our litter A

Many greetings to all! Most of Alesandro in Argentina and Arabel in Germany!!

2.3.2012 Angelina Jolly - young winner on CAC Drzonkow Poland!! Congrat..


8.1.2012 CAC Brno - Angel Beauty Arabelis - excelent 4 - young class (10)

Angel Beauty Arabelis - 10 month                     Angel with her mother Dixie od TP


28.1.2012 International Dog Show CACIB Glogow/PL - Angelina Jolly Arabelis (only 10 months) - Excellent 1, Young Winner and Best of Junior!! Congratulation!



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