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2.12.2011 Puppies plan 2012 Multch. Dixie od Tritinskeho potoka x Ch. Sennenslads Chance To Win... More informations on my email

Contact on my email



6.11.2011 CACIB Prag - Thank you very much by owners my puppies!!!!! 7 month

Angelina Jolly - very promising            Artholomew - very promising 4


Angel Beauty Arabelis  - very promising 1 (best in 7 females)

22.10.2011 Alesandro del Piero Arabelis in Argentina - Expo Specialy schow - 1. place and Excelent Best puppy!!! Thank you very much Martin Nanny and family of Horatio.

1.10.2011 Club Show in Zárybničná Lhota -  Big success had puppies from our Dixie from Arabelis kennel. For some of them it was the first experience with show..


Aragorn Arabelis - very promising 1     Artholomew Arabelis - very promising 2


Angel Beauty Arabelis - very promising 3  Angelina Jolly Arabelis - promising

and mother - excelent 1 honest class

28.8.2011 CACIB Mladá Boleslav our puppies first schow.


Artholomew Arabelis Very promysing 1.    Angelina Jolly Arabelis VP 2.

20.8.2011 Next mesages on Argentina Specialy club Schow Alesandro - Best Puppy.


Alesandro was 4 place from 25 pupies in the General of Special Puppies in Argentina


Congratulations and we look forward with you to further success.

More puppies will soon take part in exhibitions in the Czech Republic.


1.7.2011 Alesandro del Piero come in Argentina.




19.6.2011 Dixie and her son Alesandro del Piero.








 All our puppies are reserved, and some are in new homes.


Arabela live in Germany.






17.5.2011 Our puppies have 7 weeks.









10.5.2011 Our female Dixie (mother of puppies) has been awarded the most successful female in shows of 2010.





9.5.2011 OuOur female has been awarded the most successful female in shows of 2010r puppies have 6 weeks. He came to control their father Bart. At the pass we still have 1 female and 2 males! Please contact me in my email:







These puppies for sale suitable for exhibition and breeding:











4.5.2011 Our puppies are 5 weeks old.












Puppies are 2 weeks old now. They opened their eyes and were very noisy when they are hungry. Their weight is about 1500-1990 g. New photos are HERE.








 Today mother of these puppies celebrated her 3 birthday! Congratulations!!!!!!!!






It is one week today when our group of nice puppies were born to us. They prefer to sleep now and ask for a mother milk when they are hungry. Here are their first photos of each puppies. Information about their weight you can find in "litter".








We have puppies!!!! This is the day when our "small" Dixie" gave a birth to her first puppies. Borning was not easy and second part of five puppies was born via ceasar operation. During 12 hours 5 puppy males and 5 puppy females started their life in this world as our "A" litter. We wish them a lots of mother´s milk and some nice and lovely new onwers. First photos are here.








We have sono confirmation that our Dixie is pregnant. Father of her future puppies is ICh. Bartholomew Valasske slunce. Puppies will be born in March 27, 2011.






MultiCH. Dixie od Trotinského potoka     ICH. Bartolomew Valašské slunce














23.1. - 25.1.2011 



Our female Dixie was mated to 23-25 January 2011, if she is pregnant ultrasound examination shows us around the 20th February
















26.1.2011 Today, our first dog friend Bela celebrates 4th birthday. We wish all the best. Belinka is already one year after castration, and enjoys good health ..











Merry Christmas and happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Puppies plan 2011



Dixie and Bartolomew 




















































































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