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Our first Bernese Mountain dog entered into our life in 2007. One year later we pick puppy female Dixie from Od Trotinskeho potoka kennel. We attended a couple of exhibitions where Dixie has always well placed and so we started to travel abroad and started to discover plus and minus of the showing. We are not always successful, but results are mostly nice.

In 2010 I successfully passed breeding test and Dixie became the breeding female. Then we tried to find some suitable stud dog for her. I prefered to find some male with good health and good exterior. For her first mating I decided to choose some male in our country. Bartholomew Valasske slunce was the right decision for me.

Our kennel Arabelis (named from our first dog Miss Bernese Mountain dog) was established in 2010. We are located in the Region of Usti nad Orlici.

I hope that the puppies from us will be in the good hands and new future owner will be carefully selected. I will be always ready to help them with shows, breeding etc. And I will be very gland to be allt he time in contact of them and I offer all breeding services of course!








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